Discover OCCI: the autonomous tool holder

Carry out your hoeing, sowing, crushing and transport operations in complete autonomy.


OCCI: to help you in all your work


A GPS / RTK guidance solution will guarantee you centimeter precision.


Once folded, your robot will fit into any utility.


A tool holder capable of accommodating a wide range of tools.


Increased maneuverability, thanks to its simple controls and 0 degree turning radius.


Our components combine quality and safety for ever greater reliability.


An economical tool carrier from purchase to maintenance to increase profitability.








OCCI tools

Vegetable seeder

Sow all your fruit and vegetable beds using this seeder.

Row crop cultivator

No more weeds with our inter-row hoeing tools.

To discover

Mulcher, tray holder, sweeper ... SIZA has the right tool for your needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our solution combines simplicity, ergonomics and versatility. It requires very little maintenance, and you can move it around in any utility. With its low weight, the tool holder will keep good traction while remaining light enough to limit the compaction of your soil. Its 0 degree steering angle will also allow you to turn on the spot without damaging your ground.

The versatility of our tool carrier allows it to perform classic sowing, hoeing and harvesting tasks, but also cooperative tasks such as automatic freight transport. Little by little, he will be able to carry out new tasks such as crushing, sweeping or even the distribution of animal fodder ...

Our tool holder can be pre-ordered at the beginning of the fourth quarter of 2022. To receive a notification as soon as our tool holder becomes available, do not forget to leave us your email in the dedicated section at the bottom of the site.

No material or knowledge is required to use your tool holder. Once the robot has been received, refuel or recharge the batteries and it's good! A technician will be by your side if you wish during the start-up.

We can develop all kinds of tools or functionalities according to your specifications. Contact us using the form available at the end of this page or click here.

Coming from the agricultural sector, our team can support you on all your projects, whether in the IT, electronic or mechanical field. Present your idea to us in the form at the bottom of the page and our team will help you realize your project..


Some pictures of the tool holder:

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Variable track

Variable track width to adapt to your boards.

Ground clearance

45cm of ground clearance.

Made in France

Designed and made in France (12)

Variable length

Variable length to facilitate transport


Soil erosion is limited with its low weight


Attach all kinds of tools to the front hitch.


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